With roots in the wild wilderness of West Sussex, Charlie Austen is something of an anomaly. An introvert born to perform, a scientist in love with words and art and nature, Charlie grew up absorbing music from her surroundings and has gained attention for her airy, soulful voice, unique guitar-playing style and genuine stage presence.

Charlie’s own brand of lyrically-dense, finger-picking folk-soul began to develop with the discovery of her parents’ vinyl collection and the ensuing weeks spent alone in the attic with Carole King, Simon & Garfunkel and friends. From there came a love of storytelling and wordplay, as well as an appreciation for vocal harmonies and a relaxed, emotionally-direct singing style.

Charlie's long-standing role as boot-stomping bass player for DIY Indie success story Lux Lisbon has brought several new elements into the mix, including a great appreciation for rhythm and a warm, easy connection with audiences. The band have gained a large online presence and gig highlights including Hyde Park, Bestival and recently a second consecutive sold out headline show at London's prestigious Scala venue.

More recently Charlie caught the attention of cult blues legends Nine Below Zero and was asked to feature vocally on their critically-acclaimed album 13 Shades of Blue. A Glastonbury debut followed in 2016, ahead of a 30 date UK tour, over the course of which Charlie has flourished into the barefoot-boogying, bright-smiling performer she was always meant to be. The expanded line-up will be supporting Squeeze on another intensive tour of larger venues later this year, culminating with a night at the Royal Albert Hall.

Now bringing back this wealth of experience to enhance her own creations, gaining support all along the way, Charlie is better equipped than ever to bring across her unique, lyrically quirky way of seeing the world. In whatever setting though, Charlie can be found singing her heart out, brimming with the joy and enthusiasm that only music can bring.


“Shoes may be lacking in Charlie’s on-stage performance but talent and entertainment definitely are not”  …KRISTIAN, Songwriter News

“You’re so uncool, it’s brilliant” - JENNY, Maidstone

“Your voice feels like melting butter on hot toast” ...LUCHI, The Songwriting Academy

“The best Feet in R&B” ...KAI, Bridport Electric Palace

“You’re just not a pretty face” - DENNIS GREAVES, suspected dyslexic

“Great voice, like a cross between Elkie Brooks and Sam Brown, we are getting married” - OTHERWISE RATHER OFFENSIVE TWITTER USER, Bristol